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5 Helpful Summoners War Cheats

When it comes to playing Summoners War, there are a number of players who find themselves stumped and lacking in the proper amount of energy, mana and crystals. However, there are a number of useful cheats that will make the game much easier and allow you to triumph over any adversity that comes your way. Read on to learn more about the following five Summoners War cheats that you need to know about.

Participate In More Arena Battles

While some players tend to steer clear of the arena, there are a number of interesting rewards to be found in this battle venue. If you are able to build your rank while competing, you’ll have the opportunity to come away with many of the essential items that you need for your monsters and additional crystals. For best results, take on the parties with a low difficult level (just be sure to check their number of swords first)!


Use Your Friends’ Monsters

If you are in search of a way to pass on experience to your weaker monsters, you can use your friends’ stronger monsters to your advantage. Simply replace your inexperienced monster that would normally lose the stage with a friend’s more experienced monster that has the ability to solo the stage and play the stage. Since your friend’s monsters cannot receive the experience if you decide to use them, it is transferred to your fodder monster.

When unlocking all the new Monsters with the crystals you get from the Summoners War hack this is by far the best method to level them up as fast as possible. I saw people play a monster to the maximum with that tactic in about a week.

Raising a Powerful Healer

In order to achieve true success, the raising of a powerful healer is one of the most important Summoners War cheats to utilize. If you are able to get a Fairy character, upgrade this character as much as possible. For example, Lulu has the ability to serve as a healer and a tank character and should be placed towards the front since she has a lot of health to spare.

Creating Useful Environmental Locales

To give your monsters the experience that they need, you must create useful environmental locales. By expanding your land with certain locations, such as the Crystal Lake, Gusty Cliffs and the Tranquil Forest, you can place four to five monsters at each location and watch them accrue 100 experience points for each hour that passes. While a monster will accrue 100 experience points for each hour spent at the Tranquil Forest, this total rises to 150 experience points at the Gusty Cliffs and Crystal Lake.

Angelmon and Devilmon Are Your Friends

These material type monsters need to be used as much as possible. If you cannot find a Angelmon, check the elemental dungeons and the Angel Garden. As for Devilmons, the Devilmon Cave and the Glory Shop are your best bets. By using an Angelmon for material, you can give your monsters a needed EXP boost, while Devilmons are great for boosting the monsters’ skill attributes. If you are not able to beat these dungeons at the moment visit the Summoners war cheats and use the crystals you can get from there to build up a new team. Combine this with the other tips from above and you won’t face anymore problems in the game.

Walking Dead Road To Survival Hack Tips

The newest version of hack for the second and greatest edition of the mobile app for the Walking Dead Road to Survival took only a few months to make its appearance. The hack revolt started years ago and this is just the latest version of a hack that hacks the presently most popular mobile version of the Walking Dead.

Players need to be advised about some things involved with the hack so that they can continue on the road to survival and be a part of the walking dead phenomenon.

These are the top tips about the Walking Dead Road to Survival hack.


All about coins

The game is all about coins. It is true that there is a bit of strategy involved and the selection of a crew and arming the crew with the right gear has advantages. The fact is that coins or money if you prefer is what you need to get anything in the game and to get anywhere.

The hack provides coins. The number of coins is limited to the maximum number of coins allowed in the coin counter.

You work for money

The hack makes you work for the codes that allow you to get the money. If you do not work, then you do not eat, get wood, buy buildings, or buy equipment. This means you just sit and wait to be killed or eaten.

The work that you have to do to get the hack is usually filling out short surveys. The hack writer gets paid when you do the survey. You should look before you leap. Check out the hack site with friends and other gamers.


You can end up doing a world of surveys and only inch toward the goal of getting the Walking Dead Road to Survival hack.

The hack is permanent

The company that wrote the Walking Dead Road to Survival game does particularly appreciate the hack. The fact is the developer is actively writing code that disables the hack in its present form. The hack writers are equally busy writing a new and updated hack.

With this hack you are not wasting your time trying to find a working Walking Dead Road to Survival hack that has been around for a month or two and didn’t got updated since then.

Hide your identity

You can get kicked to the curb of the Road to Survival if the developer recognizes your identity as a person that is using the Road to Survival cheats.

The simplest way to avoid this is to use the Walking Dead Road to Survival hack sparingly. If you get infinitely rich every day and buy everything possible then the program that monitors the Road to Survival game will recognize you as a hack user.

The second easy way to avoid being recognized is to use an alternative identification name and password and then transfer the coins to your player identity. Look at the front page of your browser and find the add account tab. Most browsers let you have five different identities.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack is available now!

Use the shortly released Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack to generate limitless resources. This can all be done online with a simple press of a button while using the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes generator.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is the latest game made about the famous Science-Fiction saga Star Wars. If you are playing the game you will have to go through different levels and beat the enemies with your team of Jedis. As promised we introduce to you today the new Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats which was invented to deliver you unlimited amounts of Crystal and Credits. These resources are needed in the game in very high amounts so the game mainly consits of farming those resources to take progress.

Is it free using the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack & cheats tool?

Our Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack is defintely free to use for anyone. As we are fighting for free games and in-app purchases we doesn’t even thought about taking money for this. Many people told us the opposite they said we should take money to give access to such a powerful Galaxy of Heroes cheats tool. Thats not what we wanted so we just ignored that and it will be free to use forever. By a single use of this free Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes online generator you will get a amount of Crystals and Coins that you will never be able to spend.

Working Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes online hack

In more then onehundred hours of work we have finally finished our private algorithm which makes all this even possible. This algorithm is completely bug-free as well as safe to use. This is shown by the ban statistic which isn’t even existing as there never happen one. This online hack was programmed to work as efficient and fast as possible but also secure to not risk anything for our users as this is one of our main goals. We can keep all of our promises we made to our users as we are very experienced in that business and now a few years in it. As well as we know how much work it is to program a tool like the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack and we knew what to do from previous projects.

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